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John carpenter's cult 1988 film they live is getting the remake treatment the original film, part sci-fi thriller and part social satire, told the story of a down-on-his-luck construction worker (roddy piper) who discovers glasses that let him see aliens walking among us and controlling humanity. Can you name the movies where someone participated in both the original and the remake. A lack of creativity in the entertainment world is nothing new -- people have been doing adaptations, reboots and remakes since the first stories were told what you may not have realized, however, is that some of the great landmark motion pictures were themselves just remakes of originals that nobody remembers. Jason clarke is in negotiations to star in paramount's remake of pet sematary the film comes three decades after the original adaptation of the stephen king classic. A remake is a film or television series that is based on an earlier work and tells the same, or a very similar, story a reimagining, however, is a remake that is not directly identical to the original film the term remake is generally used in reference to a. The fact that the thing falls flat is proof positive that unlike the film's industrious alien, parasitic remakes can't easily carbon copy the host september 22 the thing is in fact a remake of a remake and while carpenter's film was a sublime exercise in paranoia and suspense. 'a star is born' attached: beyoncé, tom cruise (rumored) status: this high-profile remake of the 1954 classic a star is born, which tells the very hollywood story of the revenge, madness and cutthroat backstage politics faced by big-time movie stars, was supposed to already be in production. Top ten movie remakes contrary to popular belief, remakes are nothing new in hollywood they're actually older than hollywood workers leaving the lumiere.

Western remakes second time's the charm howard hawks remakes his own work for this 1967 western destry rides again james stewart's spoof, about a hired gun who saves a drunken deputy, is actually a remake of a movie released seven years prior current score: 131 total votes: 603. Producer brian grazer reveals that a splash remake is in the works, although it will be different from the 1984 original. Disney fans are living the dream, as it feels like the studio announces a new live-action adaptation of one their classic animated films practically every day — so often that it's hard to keep up here are all the details on every disney live-action movies— past, present, and future. The world's largest collection of remakes of movies trivia quizzes 120 trivia questions to answer play our quiz games to test your knowledge how much do you know.

The irony of all these upcoming movie remakes is that over the last decade and a bit hollywood has made some really ambitious and great films. Some movie remakes and reboots are actually good , but many are cringeworthy—and radar runs down 20 of the worst offenders: the 2011 remake of arthur was called a career killer entertainment news summaries | newser.

Some movies are so well loved that a director may decide to do a movie remake decades later you may have seen a movie remake a time or two, and they are certainly saturating the film industry these days. This list contains those movies that were once the great idea of a foreign director now they've been taken in by american film makers and re-interpreted with american actors and a different cultural feel sometimes we watch movies and think instantly about a remake of them: what we would add. In today's risk-averse movie studio system, movie product is almost exclusively derived from pre-existing material, including movies and tv shows there are two key terms used remake and reboot sometimes they are used interchangeably, but they are quite distinct learn the difference between reboot and remake. Jason clarke (mudbound) is in talks to star in pet sematary, the new movie adaptation of the stephen king supernatural horror novel.

Movie remake

movie remake Somewhat surprisingly, the three musketeers seems to be the most often remade film there have been 27 film versions of the three musketeers (see the three musketeers in film), and this is not counting the animated films, films based on sequels of.

Top grossing action remake movies at the box office.

  • Halle berry is set to star in a remake of 'jagged edge' the 51-year-old actress will take on the leading role in the courtroom thriller, which is a remake of the 1985 movie starring glenn close and jeff bridges producers matti leshem and doug belgrad are in the early stages of developing the.
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  • 'lost in space' team teases that a second season would be 'wild' and avoid the bad movie remake's biggest problem.
  • Let's get ready to ruuummmbllleee in the red trunks we have the movie posters of the originals, coming equipped with some highs and lows in their career, and at certain angles, unflatteringly showing their age in the blue trunks we have the younger, the newer, the remakes they can sometimes be.

Three remakes of 1980s movies are arriving in theaters today, but neither robocop, about last night, or endless love is projected to be a major box office success, and i doubt you're surprised: lately, it seems like movie remakes have been arriving — and underperforming — with greater frequency, from carrie to total recall to footloose. For information on more upcoming movie remakes including child's play, the blob, robocop and more please visit: wwwmovie-remakecom. As clue - the movie approaches its 30th anniversary, we felt it was time to reassemble this motley crew of murderers and remake this movie right. Is the new remake of ben-hur a disaster let's call it a big mistake, and it's one that illustrates the key principal of bad movie remakes: to really earn a place on the scroll of shame, a remake almost has to risk tarnishing the reputation of a movie we love (bad remakes of mixed-bag. Remakes are kind of stupid most of the time the reason movies were great in the first place, aside from the fact that the story is good is because they happened to capture lightning in a bottle so to speak with the castingyou can't manufacture that at willit just happens. Our critics pick the 25 best movie remakes in the history of cinematography, including reimagined classics (raiders of the lost ark) and foreign films (ringu.

movie remake Somewhat surprisingly, the three musketeers seems to be the most often remade film there have been 27 film versions of the three musketeers (see the three musketeers in film), and this is not counting the animated films, films based on sequels of.
Movie remake
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